Hyderabad, January 31, 2006 – Ybrant Technologies, a tools and services provider for Internet advertising, is exploring possibilities of acquiring a company with presence in the space of strategy consulting. The company said, it is looking for US-based companies with $5-20 million revenues.

“Our core expertise lies in tools and services and strategy consulting is yet another unit. Customers are increasingly looking for strategy consulting services and we intend to explore this space through inorganic growth,” Ybrant Technologies chairman Suresh Reddy told TOI.

According to him, internet advertising is a $10-billion industry and is growing rapidly. “Customers are increasingly adopting internet as a medium of choice to advertise. The type of advertisements including pop-ups, banner ads, marquees and others is also expanding by the day,” Reddy added.

The company, which provides about 15 tools, said it is also building a customized tool to enable small online vendors undertake business on the internet in an efficient way. “We are consolidating our existing tools along with platforms available in the public domain,” Reddy said.