July 07, 2007 – Digital marketing firm Ybrant Technologies is working on strengthening its front-end and become a one-stop shop for digital advertising solutions.

It is currently focusing on filling in the co-registration gap in its basket. This would be in addition to other areas like lead generation, search marketing and a larger international footprint for which the company is eyeing potential acquisitions.

Co-Registration, is a new web traffic formula in the online advertising space along with popular models of CPM (Cost Per Thousand), PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPA (Cost Per Action), for generating unique targeted hits.

Ybrant chairman Suresh Reddy is upbeat about this offshoot of email-marketing, “There is a lot of business here. With our tools and technologies we were already strong in the back-end and with the acquisitions done so far and lined up ahead, we will add more strength on the front-end side.”

After acquiring Colorado-based MediosOne last year, Ybrant had acquired AdDynamix in February for $10 million. The former was a global online advertising network while the latter was strong in advertising management, video and digital media services. This added to the company’s existing portfolio of search-based targeting, banner ads, email marketing, marketing tools and services etc.

Reddy added that next on table are three to four acquisition targets in areas like lead generation, search marketing and co-registration. These are mostly in the US and at various stages of discussions. IPTV, cell phones and blog-based advertising too will be the next trends that the company plans to bet on. Ybrant is growing at a YoY of 35 to 45 per cent and will also raise money through an IPO soon.

Reddy, however, shuns away any possibilities of being approached by a big fish in the industry. Interestingly, this April, Google bought an ad firm DoubleClick for $3.1 billion for a large network of advertisers and Web publishers and to bolster its banner advertising business. The action is hot in this space with other recent big-gun deals like Microsoft Corp.’s $6 billion deal to buy Internet marketing firm aQuantive Inc.and Yahoo’s bid for Right Media.

“We would be scouting for good targets rather than being on the other side of the table,” he maintains.

The digital marketing size in the US is estimated to be around $15 to 18 billion with a growth projection of $120 billion by 2015. “The Indian market is currently small at about $40 million but is expected to touch $200 million in the next few years and we would be tapping this with MediosOne through a J/v with Integrid Media,” Reddy added.

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