Ybrant Digital, a City-based global digital marketing company, has come a long way to become one of the top three digital marketing companies in the world. The company started with Vijay Kancharla and Suresh Reddy in 1994 as USA greetings, acquired 11 companies from various countries overtime.

Talking about the first business idea, Reddy said, “Initially, we wanted to sell physical greetings but could not get them printed on time. Eventually, we took all those designs, put them on the web and created a virtual greeting card company. The company expanded in to the digital marketing business in 2000 and renamed itself as Ybrant Digital.”

“We have built platforms to wish employees with a newsletters engine, corporate and mobile greeting cards way ahead of time. However, we could not sell these to companies. At that time we just wanted to produce the best product and the market would buy it.

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