These new terms have also opened the door for innovations in Facebook advertising. Ybrant Digital has introduced the Facebook Quality Control Center – built atop AppNexus‘ real-time ad platform it allows Facebook app developers to instantly transform ads so they comply with the platform terms.

The AppNexus-powered technology overlays an “X” in the upper righthand corner of an ad so users can close or flag it. Users are asked for the reason they flagged the ad – responses include “irrelevant,” “offensive,” “misleading,” “repetitive” or “other” – and the data is sent to Facebook and Ybrant, which shares it with the advertiser.

“Facebook has designed its entire advertising system around the principles of authenticity and quality that advertisers must share in order to be shown on Facebook’s Social Ads,” said Jacob Nizri, Ybrant Digital’s President. “Facebook has decided to apply similarly high standards to the display inventory of its independent applications operators, and AppNexus and Ybrant Digital were able to come up quickly with a highly-effective technology solution.”

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